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  • Kirsten Lies-Warfield

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

I wasn’t expecting the gifts

Then I never was one to give a gift to show I cared

Cards with words, yes. Gifts, no.

I wasn’t expecting all the anxiety in others

I say again and again, “I’m fine. I’ll be fine.”

But they seem really worried

More worried than me.

How can I share only information and not angst?

I don’t want you to take on a burden

I just want you to know why I won’t be there.

I also don’t want to hide it.

Breast cancer is terribly common.

For me, there is comfort knowing that.

Knowing that two of my neighbors have had it.

While I know some who have died,

I know many more who have lived

Knowing there are answers everywhere for all my questions.

So, maybe have your worry, but I’ll show you!

I’ll show you that its ok and I’ll be ok.

If you stay vigilant, you can be ok too.

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