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LATEST NEWS: Masters Degree in Audio Technology acquired! 
I had a great time studying at American University. Huge thanks to the professors and students who taught me so much. This course of study led me to . . .
ALL BY MYSELF was performed, recorded and mixed by ME! You can listen now on your favorite streaming service or here at Bandcamp.



Great Noise Ensemble

Black Masala

Working Musician Podcast

Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes

Halley Shoenberg

Orange Grove Dance

Bang on a Can

Thanks to Rob Mesite for the really great head shots used here!

September 4, Washington, DC at Dupont Flea Market, 12-1.
September 18, Silver Spring, MD at Rosensteel
Hall with Halley's Hot Gumbo Swingtet. Presented by Potomac River Jazz Club, 2pm.
October 8, Greenbelt, MD at New Deal Cafe with Black Masala, 9pm.
December 31, Glen Echo, MD at Spanish Ballroom with Scott Silbert Big Band


Hand Vintage

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