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Kirsten Warfield, trombone

Growing up in North Dakota as the fourth of five children of the junior high school band director, it was almost inevitable that I would end up in music. Music was all around and was lived every day. I got two degrees in music and was working on a doctorate when I won a job with the United States Army Band, "Pershing's Own." I have played with many variety of band--brass, jazz, dance, concert, rock, gypsy, wedding, show--even some orchestras. Music is now my profession, but it's more than that. My musical identity lies in the programs and compositions I am creating. I am finding and developing my musical voice and along the way also trying to encourage my students to find theirs.
I value creativity and simplicity.
I am very grateful for my husband, a musicologist who brings new musical ideas into the house all the time. I am also grateful to my dogs for their steadfast support.

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